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Suave Professionals Volumizing Conditioner

Sometimes I think that I have the worst hair ever. Its texture is a terrible in between of curls and frizz, and its so thin. Its only redeeming quality is that it is a fairly light color, but even then I still use what is basically a box of bleach to lighten it even further. So of course I’m constantly using some type of conditioner to try and give back some of the moisture that I take away by over processing my hair. Through my searches I even found one that helps to add volume to my hair at the same time.

I really hate when a company says right on their packaging that they are better than some other brand, and Suave Professionals does just that with this conditioner. They say they are salon proven to volumize as well as Matrix, well guess what. That information is completely useless to me because I have no idea what matrix is. I understand that they’re trying to prove how well they work, but I think a statistic would be much more effective. About the product though.

 If you’re looking for a conditioner that moisturizes hair fantastically you might be better off taking a look at my Herbal Essences moisturizing conditioner review. I’m not saying that Suave Professionals hair conditioner does a bad job (because it doesn’t) it just isn’t what it is made for. It is supposed to add volume, and I have to say I noticed the difference on my normally very thin hair.  So if your only problem is hair thickness then this is a great choice. Since I always like to finish with the smell of the product I’d say that this doesn’t really have a strong one. Maybe a creamy smell, but not in a dairy way. 

Overall I have to give this a 3.5/5 It does what it says its going to do, add volume, but not much else. For a conditioner it really isn’t that moisturizing and the smell is pretty neutral.

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