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L.A. Colors Liquid Eyeliner Black

Eye liner really isn’t something I wear often, so I really did get the cheapest one I could find and this L.A. colors was it, priced at a dollar. Most of the time I just use a bb cream and some mascara and head out. I did decide though that sometimes its nice to look a little bit more put together so I figured I could try out a liquid liner to experiment with. 

Even though I did say that I bought this solely because of its price, it really has worked well. It doesn’t smudge easily and lasts about ten hours. Long enough for most people’s days (although mine right now is twelve) and even though the L.A. Colors liquid liner isn’t water proof, even with moderate scrubbing it wouldn’t come off without the help of my makeup remover.  The black color is very matte without any shimmer a feature I might want in a future liquid eyeliner purchase.

Here’s a picture with the brush. It’s extremely thin, and the quality was surprisingly good. There weren’t any loose hairs or hard spots. The thinness of the brush makes an extremely exact line that works really well for a day look on the top lid. It is a little too thin however, to work well to line the tear ducts but with my experience a pencil liner does a better job of that. One of the best things about this liner has to be the long handle making it easy to reach different angles.


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