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Outfit for the Rain

Rain Outfit
Rainy Day Outfit

I’ve done a post before on What to Wear in the Rain but yesterday’s weather inspired me to do a sequel.   It wasn’t just a little rain throughout the day either.  You could see the clouds moving over the sky ending the sunny day, and then it started to pour. Cars were stopped on the highway and there was even hail. My car actually ended up dented because of it. On my last guide for the rain for some reason I didn’t add an umbrella the thing that really is the most important part on a rainy day. On an unrelated side note, when I was making this I had been looking for clouds to decorate and some how ended up with a feather. I’d like to think it looks nice.

  • Cotten Trench Coat, Burberry – $1,300 A long coat (not one to the ground or else the ends will get wet) will keep whatever outfit you’re wearing from getting too wet. Just don’t wear a short mini skirt  or less you run the risk of seeming to be without pants. I love that this is a colored trench coat making it a little more interesting than the average tan one.
  • Blue Jeans, French Connection – $148 As fan of blue jeans  I tend to do a lot of posts featuring how to wear them. I’m starting to think that its because jeans work so well with a lot of different that I’m actually just being lazy. They do work well for the rain though because any pant that requires dry cleaning would have issues with it.
  • Bow Rain Boots, Valentino – $195 I have to say that I never really appreciated rain boots before college. In high school I only had to walk down a few halls to get to my classes but now even walking from the parking lot my feet get soaked without boots. What I really like about these boots is the bow detail. It adds interest to the simple black boot will still making it wearable with many outfits.
  • Bubble Umbrella, Target – An umbrella that covers a part of a person is such a good idea. Much better for a mild windy day so that the water doesn’t just splatter all over anyways. At first I was wishing it had color but then I thought about it and realized then I wouldn’t be able to see.
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