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Review: Secret Antiperspirant

I’m not really sure what the real name of this deodorant is. Maybe its Secret Invisible Solid, or Completely Clean Secret. My favorite, though is Secret Outlast, which might actually be the real name. I don’t know why though it is so hard to figure out. Maybe because I received this deodorant as a sample from P&G  it isn’t really a specific type, just an all around antiperspirant.

I’ve already talked about in a previous review how I sweat enough to make me more than qualified to test out any kind of deodorant and I do think that this one works well. Just like the lady speed stick that lasted too long for me too truly test out its claim and this one is twice as long. What are you going to be doing for 48 hours that you can’t take a shower. Hiking with some boy you need to impress? Because I guarantee you that everything else is going to be a wreck after about 20 hours so it isn’t going to matter in the least that your pits have a little bit of oder.

The smell of this deodorant, something that I find very important with antiperspirants, is fine. It doesn’t really have a smell, just a clean scent. I prefer something like my orange scented antiperspirant but if someone is very sensitive to smells or has allergies, I think this would be the perfect deodorant. It works well, is inexpensive, and easy to use.

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