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Summer Outfits

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What to Wear in Summer

When I did my rainy day outfit guide I talked about how ready I am for it to be summer time. It isn’t quite there yet but since school will be out in two weeks I figured I could get an early start. Of course I happen to be doing this while I’m supposed to be working on school work, but that’s okay I still have more than enough time and its not like I’m going to start until right before its supposed to be done.  Since there is still a lot of cool weather days I decided to do this post with a few less traditional summer outfit pieces but by adding shorts I think that it still qualifies. I mean its not like I’m putting in a parka.

  • Mesh Cardigan, Rebecca Taylor – $295 A cardigan isn’t a normal summer clothing option, but since its still April a cover is a good idea both for the cold weather and the possible rain. I see a lot of summer outfits featuring bright colors, but for me neutrals are always a nicer option.
  • Jean Shorts, A&F – $58 Abercrombie and Fitch isn’t my favorite when it comes to marketing but as far as their jeans go, for the price there isn’t much that’s nicer looking. I love the little bit longer length (so your butt isn’t hanging out) and the detail on the bottom of the leg. 
  • Eyelet Crop Top, H&M I’ve done a few outfits with crop tops before but this one is a little shorter than the others. That’s another reason I added in a cardigan. The simple colors and details are great for a more put together look.
  • Lace Trimmed Shoes – $43 Even though it isn’t as popular as it once was, I still really like the oxford shoe. It adds a slight bit of hight, is comfortable to wear, and looks good with many different outfits. When I did my How to Wear Toms guide I picked the shoe because of a similar detail that I saw on these the lace.

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