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Review: Invisible and Dry

purple deodorant

I’ve done a Lady Speed Stick Review before, and at first I thought that these were the same deodorant but they aren’t. This one is for 24 hour protection while the other one was for stain guard. I’m just going to start off by saying that they really sound change the packaging on their antiperspirant. I should be able to tell the difference with just a glance, not have to actually read the label when I know what I’m getting.  Now for some good things about the packaging. I like that it has those funny little circles that I’m sure have a name but I don’t know it, and I like how the bottom twists. I haven’t had any problems with it not working and the indentations make it so easy to move.

More importantly how well does Lady Speed Stick work? I would say that it does a pretty good job. I’m not sure about the who 24 hour protection since I shower a little more often than that, but as a female who sweats a lot I can say I didn’t have any problems with oder after a 12 hour school day. The invisible dry is a fact too. It goes on dry, and it won’t leave any white residue on your clothes. Something that’s kind of important if you want to wear black.

Lady Speed Stick Invisible Dry does have this little problem though. I don’t like the smell, at all. I know it says that it is powder fresh, but did they really have to be serious about that? I wish it could smell a little more like Secret Stress Response  because if it did this deodorant would be first on my list of favorites.

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