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Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara

green mascara bottle

I’m surprised that I’m just now getting around to doing a review of this Revlon Mascara. I’ve been using it for a few months now (trading it off with a few others) and this is the second tube I’ve bought.  Even more surprisingly it seem that after looking through a lot of my old blog posts, that I’ve never done a review over any Revlon products of which I know I have a few.I didn’t even add revlon nail polish to my list of best drug store nail polishes. But you can look forward to seeing a lot more of this brand in my blog feed since it seems I have a lot of reviews to catch up on.

About the mascara. Revlon is a drug store brand, but really it is a high quality one.  I’m always paranoid about mascara making my eyelashes fall out because with a cheap mascara I used once they did come out. Not something I would like to repeat. The grow luscious line claims that it makes my eye lashes thicker and longer. I’m not exactly sure this happened (not that I measured or anything) but they do seem really healthy so maybe something is going on. 

brush grow luscious mascara

It does leave a little bit of heavy residue so if you already have a problem with mascaras doing this it then you may want something else. Other than that though it really is a great long lasting mascara. I’d even say that it compares to the Lancome Midnight Mascara, pretty good since this is about a third of the price. The only real problem I had is that on the end of the brush mascara gunk piles up and sometimes it gets on my face. A big problem if I’ve already finished my other makeup.


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