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End of the Year Outfit, Finals

clothes for school finals
What to Wear to Finals

For me, the end of the school year is right around the corner. The weather is starting to warm up, and spring is in full swing. I’ve already put together an outfit for one spring issue, clothes for rainy days and now I’m doing an outfit guide for another spring “issue” finals. I don’t know how everyone’s finals work but I know at my school they’re two hours long. That’s two hours of sitting in a chair, staring a few pieces of paper that could significantly change your grade in class.  For my outfit I decided to go with something simple and comfortable but not sweatpants, because really you are still in a public place no matter how much better you think you’d feel with elastic and fleece wrapped around you.
  • Boyfriend Jean, True Religion – $400 Normally I love to do outfits featuring skinny jeans but for sitting in one place for more half an hour they really aren’t the best. I don’t think I wear mine too tight, ( I really could be lying) but it always seems like my legs start to go numb after a short time.  That’s why for finals I picked a loser pair of jeans, the Boyfriend. The slight torn look and cuffed leg makes it look more like a girls jean, than you just borrowing your man’s pair.
  • Knit Cardigan, Villa – $87 An open cardigan is a great comfy piece of clothing to wear. Since its open and light weight you don’t really have to worry about it being too warm The soft knit makes it stretchy so it will more with you instead of being restricting. Like sweat pants, except not so ugly, and for your torso.
  • Combat Boot, Frye Veronica – $320 I’m really starting to love the look of combat boots. They are functional but (for now) stylish. The fact that you can lace them up is pretty great as well. I picked these for another reason too, they help keep out some of the rain since it is spring you know. These are a little expensive, but for a very similar option that’s $200 less you can take a look at Steve Madden boots.
  • Corset Top, Hollister – $35 I really wouldn’t call this a corset top. More of a bustier top because it doesn’t have any boning. I love that it leaves all of the stomach exposed, something that is okay as long as you have a jacket or cardigan over it. Adding it creates a little edge to an outfit that may come across as too lazy or comfy. If you want to see more ways to wear a bustier, check out   my how to wear a bustier guide.

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