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What to Wear To Prom

Prom Outfit
I love planning outfits outfits so I had to do one for prom. For me prom was all about the outfit. I’m not much of a dancer or a formal partier but I do love fancy dresses, shoes and jewelry so I had to go. This isn’t anything like the prom dress or stye I had but actually a much improved look. This isn’t the best dancing outfit (because that’s not my thing) but it would be pretty comfortable.  I did do a formal winter outfit awhile back so if you’re looking for a darker style that might work for you. Coming up I’ll do a prom makeup post so look forward to that.
  • Jeweled Prom Dress, New Look – $350 There are so many things that I love about this dress. First the short length makes it look young and fun. Best of all you don’t have to worry about stepping on it or getting the hem dirty. The bow and the slight tutu add a whimsical feel, because it is prom and gives any girl a nice shape. For more dresses that work larger girls there is always my dresses for fat girls guide.
  • Peep Toe Platforms, Christian Louboutin – $900 I really am in love with these shoes. First they are platform pumps something that I think everyone should invest in because it gives you an extra inch or two without taking it away from your balance. The peep toe is perfect for showing off a new pedicure something that I recommend anyone going to proms does with their friends the day before. Lastly the color is perfect for anything, especially a trendy pair of jeans, but maybe I just say that because I’m a fan of pink.
  • Box Clutch, Alexander McQueen – $1500 Not being a big purse fan, of course I leap at the chance to use a clutch instead. The box design is super retro in a refreshing way, and i love that it means it’ll hold its shape. The small size really shouldn’t be a problem, because other than your phone what will you need?
  •  Peals, Tiffany and Co – $500 If you follow me, you know that I’m a huge fan of Tiffany and Co.  They have so many amazing designs and their quality is worth the price. For the dress I had a hard time deciding what would look best because of the jeweled top, but I think that simple pearls are perfect.


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