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Summer Outfit on a Budget

Summer Outfit on a Budget
What to Wear on a Budget, Summer

I’ve been told that I do a lot of fashion posts and outfits feature items that are way out of budget, like my Finals Outfit, or the Outfit for Warm Weather for a majority of my readers. With this in mind I decided to make an outfit that costs under $100 and if you change out the shoe choice, an outfit under $50. Since it is summer I went with a few pieces that can be worn multiple times through out the season. All the items in the outfit are also mall brands, so you can pick them up at a store near you instead of having to pay shipping and then wait a week for it to arrive. 
  • Lace Tank, Aeropostale -$8 Lace is still way in style, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. It is uber feminine and as long as you don’t rip it holds up well not stretching out like other fabrics will. The blue color is perfect for summer and spring because of its vibrance. One thing to note is that this top is a little short so some stomach might show. Not near as much as a crop top would though.
  • Flip Flops, Havaianas – $32 These are the flip flops I was talking about that made this under $100 instead of $50 of course though any flip flops will work, personally I really like the rubber kind Abercrombie and Hollister sell. Just make sure not one that’s too low quality.
  • 20 Bangles, H&M -$6 I completely understand why people love stores like H&M and Forever 21. Where else can you get twenty bangles for less than $10? For course just because there are twenty doesn’t mean you have to wear them at the same time. I would go with seven or less, and make sure it’s an odd number of bangles.
  • Denim Shorts, Aeropostale – $20 Of course for a summer outfit I’m going to be adding shorts. I really do prefer skirts, but shorts give you a lot more freedom to do stuff. I’ve had a few pairs of jeans from Aeropostale and the quality is great, especially when considering the price. The only bad thing I can say is that they run a little big so smaller sized girls might have a problem getting them to fit.

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