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Warm Weather Outfit

Skirt for warm weather
What to Wear in the Summer

Finally I think this warm weather is here to stay. Just in time too, since I’ve been making summer outfit polyvores  for awhile now. It seems like everything I’ve be writing about lately has been about warm weather activities and things inspired by this, from my personal posts to my reviews of nail polish. I think though that after a few weeks of sweating I’ll be over it, but why not enjoy it while I can.  I decided to do another outfit post about what to wear in warm weather because I haven’t done an outfit in awhile, and this is a little bit more of a classy wear than my other one, not to say it looks bad or anything.
  • Basket Tote, Mar Y Sol – $128 I’m normally not the biggest fan of bags, especially not a straw one, but for the summer a nice straw tote is perfect. It can hold a lot of different things for a beach trip, and it looks very young and fresh. The only problem I have with the bag though is that it might be prone to getting torn, but with clear nail varnish its an easy fix.
  • Leather Skirt, Alice and Olivia – $484 I’m not sure why I don’t feature more of Alice and Olivia because I really like what they make. This skirt is a little longer for the more conservative look and the bright color is perfect for spring and summer. I used to think that leather was too hot for summer, but if you have a nice thin piece its almost as cool as cotton.
  • Cap Sleeve Crop Top, Jane Norman – $12 I’ve done a few things with crop tops before. I really like that this one has a capped sleeve giving it a more feminine look. Unlike the crop top in my movies at my house outfit this one won’t show stomach because it is paired with a high waisted skirt. I like pairing high waisted skirts with crop tops because of the fact that you don’t have to tuck the shirt in and risk having a baggy feel.
  • Platform Pumps, Carvela Kurt – $200 Of course I had to add in a pair of high heels, a fashion piece that I’ve been all over lately. Surprising because I used to wear nothing but flats. Funny how personal style changes in just a year.
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