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Home Made Pizza

home made pizza

 For most lunches and dinners I’m on my own. I used to have family dinners every night and eat lunch at school, but with my new schedule this isn’t really possible. Near where I live there isn’t exactly anywhere other than fast food restaurants to eat at so you can expect a whole lot more of these kind of easy to make meals.

Yesterday that meal was pizza. I found these personal pizza crusts and bought some pepperoni and pizza sauce and used the cheese I already had. This is a little more complicated than the vanilla pudding I made but still really easy to do. Simple enough that I didn’t mess anything up, although I think there are a few things I’d change.

pizza dough and tomato sauce

 First I took out the bread from its package and then poured on tomato sauce. I could have actually made sure this spread evenly but for me that would have been something else to clean up, so I just kind of tilted it until everything was kind of smooth. Even though it isn’t exactly the same thing I wore my outfit for baking.

lots of cheese

 I then added a ton of cheese, both american and mozzarella. Now that I think about it I’m not exactly sure why I was so set on adding the american cheese because it didn’t make it taste any better. Not that it was bad.

pizza with peppers

 This wasn’t in my ingredients picture from the very beginning of the post, but I really felt like I needed to add something with a different color. These are actually from my garden last year and have been frozen. 

 After that I added pepperoni on top and then more cheese. The pepperoni package was almost impossible to open. Which is both good and bad, because you don’t want your food getting ruined but you also want to be able to get to it.

Here’s the finished product. It looked a lot better in person. I do wish though that I wouldn’t have piled it up with different ingredients because it was kind of much.


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