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Casual Day Date

Puma Style
Sweater / Jeans / Watch / Bag / Shoes 
What to Wear on a Casual Date

I’ve done a guides before that give you ideas for how to dress on a formal date, like my guide to a winter date, but this outfit guide is for more of a day time date, or just something a casual date in general. For me, this is a much more common occurrence then getting all dressed up for a night out on the town. The main focus of a day time dress is comfort and then how you look. That doesn’t mean I’m saying you should look like you just got out of bed, but that you should be prepared to do something that requires a little bit of work.  This means no expensive fancy dresses and no pumps which seem to have become less popular lately, on a side note.
  • Panda Sweatshirt, French Connection – $108 Awhile ago I received a panda shirt, and ever since then I’ve been in love with all different kinds of animal face shirts. They have an almost whimsical feel and keep you looking casual.
  • Wedge Sneaker, Puma -$100 I mentioned before how pumps weren’t really the best thing for a day time date, but these wedge sneakers are a great alternative. They give you height but don’t mess with your balance or comfort. These shoes just so happen to be from Puma, a brand I used to be in love with, but you can read about that on my Puma Nostalgia post.
  • Cuffed Jeans, Big Star – $78 Low rise jeans are my favorite kind. I especially love that this is a skinny jean, but it isn’t so skinny that my legs look like chickens’ (actually someone told me that once) The lighter color is perfect for dressing down too, as is the cuffed ankle.
  • Leather Bag, Sole Society – $70 In my Bohemian Style Outfit I used another bag from Sole Society, and I have to say I really like their designs. The leather is made for wear and the style is laid back and casual.
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