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Review: Hyatt Suds Well

Suds Well Rinse Well

Remember when I blogged about going to the Hyatt in Chicago? Well this is the shampoo and conditioner that they had in the bathroom. They also had a bar of soap with this same brand, so maybe I’ll write about that at a latter date. It may seem a little weird that I’m doing a review over hotel shampoo and conditioner, but this is my third one, I’ve done one over Disney Resorts Orange Blossom H2O as well as Institute Swiss Clarifying Bar so I guess I’ve been weird for a while then.

First I have to say that I love the packaging of the Suds Well Shampoo and Rinse Well Conditioner, and of course the names too. Its so simple, and almost cartoon like. The blue color actually reminds me of water, which might be kind of the point. I only wish the bathroom had been as nice looking as these bottles. The bottles have twist off bottoms making them very easy to use. Much easier in fact than the pull up tops that a lot of hair products have.

Whenever I see hotel shampoo and conditioner I always assume that it’s going to be terrible. My hair is going to clump up and the conditioner will be so watery that it won’t do a thing to help. Of course curiosity always gets the best of me and I use it, even though I always bring my own hygiene supplies along.

I was pleasantly surprised though by how well it works. I mean its not one specific for my hair type (obviously) so it doesn’t do anything specific for my hair but it does its job well. My hair was clean and tangle free after use. The only bad thing I can say is that it doesn’t have much of a smell.


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