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Casual Summer Outfit

Clothes for Summer

It seems like I’m starting to change the outfits that I wear. Not really the style, but just the casualness. I used to do a lot of posts like How to Look Classy in Jeans, and How to Look Classy in a Mini Skirt but lately I’ve done a lot more summer dresses, jean shorts, sweatshirts and tank tops. Take for example my Guide to Wearing a Denim Dress. I think that all this has to do with the warm weather finally being here and me wanting to go outside and play and in case you didn’t notice a lot of my winter outfits make that a little hard to do. Platform pumps although cute, and make your legs look great are not the best thing for rolling down hills.

  • Off Shoulder Sweatshirt, Wildfox – $128 I remember a time when I would not wear a pull over sweatshirt. The only kind I would even consider, and this was only if it were raining outside, was the zippered kind with a hood. Well this off shoulder sweatshirt is amazing for girls who are proud of how their shoulders look, and best of all it doesn’t have a bothersome hood on the back so you don’t look a little like a hunchback. I love the star print making it perfect for a summer night.
  • Denim Shorts, Roxy – $50 Denim shorts are of course the way to go for a a summer outfit. They’re durable easy to clean and look great on just about anyone. The only downfall is the shaving that has too be done. To bad I didn’t have luck with either my gelatin hair removal, or my nair roll on wax I guess I’ll have to stick with my everyday shaving routine, that really happens about every three days.
  • Gladiator Sandals, Dorothy Perkins – $35 White is the color of summer and sandals are the shoe so how could you go wrong with these gladiators? Of course you have to paint your nails, but its worth it to have free toes.
  • Stacked Bangles, Bloomingdales – $38 Stacked bangles have become a new love of mine ever since I did the summer outfit on a budget post. They add a great feel to an outfit without adding much in price or taking away from durability. These stacked bangles come in a set of 24.
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