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A Rainbow Dress

How to Wear a Multicolored dressDress Dree (cooler)  / Bag / Shoes / Sunglasses
How To Wear a Rainbow Dress

So maybe this is just a little too trendy for a few of my readers, but here’s a guide to wearing a rainbow colored dress. Its just a step above wearing a denim dress, which really isn’t that crazy so if you’re feeling adventurous with your style a multicolored summer dress just might be the thing to wear.Its great for warm weather, and a carefree casual look. Not to mention with all these colors going on it can look good on anyone.
  • Leather Flat Sandal, Asos – $37 When I did my casual summer outfit guide I featured another gladiator sandal that would work well. The main thing to remember is to go with something plain, either in brown or white as to not add to an already busy outfit. The sandal itself is perfect for any summer outfit though, able to switch from dressy to casual.
  • Vintage Sunglasses, Carrington – $275 I have always loved wearing sunglasses. My eyes, which are fairly large are sensitive to a lot of light so I find myself squinting a lot in bright light, not a pretty look. The retro style is something I’m starting to get into, which all began when I did my dressing retro style guide
  • Leather Tote, Tory Burch – $595 Tory Burch is a very popular designer with a certain group of women, but even if you aren’t a part of that group you can appreciate the things she makes. I decided to do this also in white, but really the color you chose depends on your skin tone. Just remember with a rainbow colored dress it really should be neutral. 
  • Rainbow Dress – So this really is the biggest part of the outfit hence the title but in case you didn’t know rainbow dresses really aren’t that easy to find. The best place to look would either be eBay or Etsy. The only tip I have is go for a style that works for you on more traditional types of dresses. Just because its loud doesn’t mean it has to fit you oddly.
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