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How to Look Like a Hipster

Hipster Clothes

Dress / Scarf / Glasses / Shoes / Bag
A Hipster Guide

It seems like I’m starting to take a few different outfit styles. I’ve done everything from how to wear a denim dress to how to wear a rainbow dress but I have to say that this hipster dress outfit is one of my favorites. I love being able to combine trends in a casual and fun way, not mention almost anyone can look cute with a lot of these trends. It always seems when summer comes around that I see more and more girls wearing hipster outfits because they really are more of a summer style although for boys it seems like the hipster style stays pretty consistent.
  • Unisex Tennis Shoes, American Apparel – $32 Normally I’m one that goes for very girly shoes, pumps and sparkly flats but that doesn’t exactly go with the hipster shoe style. A basic tennis shoe preferably one that you can’t tell if its for men or women. The white color is of course my favorite matching a wide variety of things (also working for a 1960’s Latin style) but there is of course the worry of stains. With these fabric shoes though they can easily go in the wash.
  • Cross Body Handbag, Nine West – $36 Cross body bags are one of the only types of purses I use. Its not that I don’t like other types, its just that they aren’t convenient for me to carry around. I’m a terrible purse carrier. For hipster style though cross body purses are perfect. For a less grown up look you can try an animal face purse or one with a print.
  • A-Line Dress, L.K. Bennett – $295 I thought I was doing pretty well with the price of this outfit, not as good as my under $100 summer outfit, but then I saw the price of this A-Line Dress and knew that this wasn’t going to be a cheap outfit but I love the dress. Its perfect for a not trying to hard trendy look.
  • Infinity Scarf, Forever New – $29 Infinity scarfs are very cute, and very hipster. I’m not the best at tying scarfs so even if I weren’t going for the hipster style this would be one of my top picks. I love the sequins. The best way to wear your hair with a scarf like this up and in a top knot.
  • Kitten Eye Glasses, Victoria Beckham – $575 Trendy hipster glasses are by far the biggest part of putting together the hipster look. I love the slight vintage feel of these glasses and the fact that they have huge lenses so you can wear circle lenses underneath with a natural look. 
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