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Cookies & Cream Cupcakes

Supplies to make cupcakes

Even though my normal idea of baking is making vanilla pudding , and I tend to be a little more worried about how my outfit is going to be, like when I did my what to wear when baking guide , than what I’m making I did happen to make something kind of advanced. Okay not really advanced because it wasn’t very hard at all but you have to take baby steps.

I ended up making Cookies n Cream Cupcakes using a recipe I found on Betty Crocker’s website. I’d say in total it only took about an hour to make 24 of these cupcakes (including baking time) and the supplies weren’t that expensive especially since I used some generics. Everyone says they taste great too so that’s a plus.

steel bowl cooking

So first the cake, or in this case cupcakes, has to be made. Its just a simple devil’s food cake from the box so just put in the cake mix, three eggs, water and oil.

mixing bowl baking

When everything was mixed up I realized that this batter is a little watery, and because of that putting it into the separate cupcake spots was a little hard to do. After some trial and error I found that using a funnel worked the best to keep from getting everything all over the table in the process.

cupcakes in tins

The cupcakes took about 20 minutes to bake, but after that they had to cool for another 30 minutes, which was the longest part of the Cookies and Cream Cupcake process

icing in a bag

Next I was supposed to put the icing and marshmallow in a bag and then make indentions in the cupcakes and fill them up. What would have worked easier though would have been putting the icing mix into really icing thing, which I have, and doing it that way.

cupcakes with icing

After putting in the filling I then had to get icing on the top. Since I’m not the best baker (see gingerbread men pop cakes for evidence) At first I started doing this while they were still in the tins, something that isn’t all that easy to do.

smashed cookies

For the cookie part I had to smash chocolate cream filled cookies, ten of them, in a bag. This really wasn’t that hard to do, just use a sturdy coffee cup but the bag did end up with a couple of little holes.

Cream and Cookies Cupcakes

Then I sprinkled on the cookie pieces and was finished.


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