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Classy Jeans, Slouchy Hat

What to Wear

Jeans/ Shoe / Bag / Top / Hat (all links in this outfit are similar finds)
So I’ve done a post about how to be classy in jeans before, and for a while all I would wear was jeans (of course in a classy way) it seemed like I started to get tired of it, and started to do things like a classy mini skirt  but it seems like I’m back into the jeans style and I’ve even started to add a little bit of grunge with my slouchy knit hat. I really can’t help it though because jeans are so versatile. I feel like I can wear them almost anywhere without being out of place, not to mention they look really good on. As for the slouchy hat, I saw it on a blogger and since then I’ve been in love with the casual look it creates.
  • Lace Tank, ForeverNew – $39 I love putting in lace into my outfits. Its so romantic and feminine feeling. With a tight pair of jeans a looser fitting shirt is always a better choice or else you tend to look like you’re trying to put yourself out there.  For a classy look I normally go with neutral colors, so that I’m not standing out. For cut, tank, I really like the open feel of sleeveless. A little skin is okay, just make sure the cut on the chest isn’t too low.
  • Skinny Jean, Rag and Bone – $242 Of course since this is a jean feature of course I had to add them. Rag and Bone is one of my favorite brands, they’re moderately priced and have great quality. Like a lot of my outfit posts this is a skinny jean, and that’s because out of all the jean fits they’re the most classy. The best one to go with is a a dark wash.
  • Perforated Bootie, Charlotte Russe – $50 I’ve always thought of Charlotte Russe selling cute and affordable clothes, but they also sell shoes that are just as affordable and just as cute.  It is a little out of season to wear booties, but with the perforation they still work for warm weather. Not only that but they have an amazing heel to add a little bit of length to your legs. The red color contrasts  well with a neutral top.
  • Canvas Bag, Louis Vuitton –  I’ve always loved a nice bag, and Louis Vuitton is at the top of my list. I used a vintage bag for this look, but really any of their signature bags. The thing to remember though is to go with a real bag if you can afforded it and if not that’s okay, just don’t do the whole knock off thing. 
  • Slouchy Beanie, generalpants – $19 Okay so I said that it was a blogger that I saw where I first liked it, and that is half true because it was where I liked it on girls, but actually I think I really like it because my boyfriend wears them when his hair “looks bad” which it never actually does, so maybe I can use it for that too.
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