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Blowfish Haul

blowfish Malibu shoe boxes

 This isn’t the first shoe haul I’ve done, but really I don’t do them that often. The last one I did was back in February with my Nordstrom Shoe Haul and that only consisted of one pair of shoes. Before that I did a Von Maur Shoe Haul but that was all the way back in August. This is really a two part problem first I don’t buy that many shoes. Since I don’t do a ton of walking my shoes stay nice for a really long time. The other problem is that I just forget to do hauls. I buy something and it goes straight to my closet.

Straw bottom shoes

 Both pairs of shoes are fairly similar. They’re from the same brand and the same season so its no surprise. I really do like though that they have the straw braiding around the bottom even though I think this was the feature I liked least at first. On this pair the pink is such a pretty shade that I have to love it and the button closure is fantastic.

blowfish shoes

The second pair I bought remind me a little of a pattern that a traditional African woman would wear. Normally this isn’t my thing but for this style of shoe I think it’s perfect. The tie is also really a nice addition. I bought my Blowfish Malibu shoes for $20 on sale at Journeys in case you want to get your own.


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