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Making Soft Pretzels

So I really do like baking things. I know I make really simple things like vanilla pudding, and then when I do make something a little harder like gingerbread men pop cakes I kind of fail at it. But I found this recipe for making soft pretzels that I knew I had to try. I’ve tried something similar with my Aunt Annie’s pretzel baking kit, so I knew I had a little experience so it was worth a try.

dough for making pretzels

First I had to get warm water and put in in a large mixing bowl then adding yeast and sugar. After mixing that up I added the flour. Since I was trying to be healthy I added two cups of white flour and two cups of whole wheat flour. By the third cup of flour it was pretty obvious I need to start working out because my arms were killing me.

dough ball

After mixing it all together I ended up with a big ball of dough. I had to knead this for five minutes, which told me again that my arms need a little work. 

twisted pretzel

Then I had to break pieces off the large dough ball and roll them into thin long strings. Its really important to get them very thin or else baking will take forever I think I ended up doing mine a little too thick. After that is done though you twist it into pretzel form.

eggs for pretzels

Then beat one egg to dip the pretzels into. Do both sides. 

half made pretzels

After that throw them onto a pan that either has a silicone mat or wax paper. Then just put them in the oven to bake. As you can see some of my pretzels didn’t quite get shaped the right way… Lazy cook.

Well I know I said just put them in the oven, but I actually added salt to them and then put them in the oven. They didn’t taste too bad, but I felt like they were missing something.


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