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Kohl’s Summer Haul

Bright Summer Shirts

 Summer is here and I have to say that I’m a little behind in getting all the necessary clothes. I’m not normally the biggest warm weather person so I normally just wouldn’t head out on hot days, unless I was in my swimsuit of course. This year though with summer school everyday I need to be able to dress appropriately. That’s why I decided to do some shopping at Kohls. Well that and they sent in some fantastic coupons for me to use. The last time I did a proper Kohls Haul was back in December. I really should shop there more because everything is so cute, and affordable. 

The three shirts I bought. It really looks like the pink one in the middle is photo bombing. What can I say? I’m not the best hauler. I do though really like each of these shirts. First the pink one is an amazing color and that pocket is adorable.  The blue on the left has an almost completely cut out back with just the bra band area  covered. Perfect design. I think though that my favorite is the orange. I love the button up front and the lace back is so feminine.

Kohls Shorts

 I almost never wear shorts, and there are two main reasons for that. First I only have a few pairs, and second I don’t like to shave. I’m quite terrible at it. The white pair is perfect for summer just because it is white and I couldn’t help myself with the second pair. That pattern is so interesting. I haven’t seen anything like it.

shelf bra tanks

I bought two new tank tops that I wear under almost all of my clothing. Actually when I did my So Brand Haul I bought tank tops just like these in a different color. I also bought two bandu or brallet tops similar to the one in my Looking Good On Break outfit post. For the shirts that I bought today they’ll work well if I don’t feel like wearing a real bra.


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