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Review: Clinical Strength Lavender

Secret Clinical Strength Lavender

Lavender. That pretty purple flower that has been used as a mock perfume for centuries. Its also been used as a dye but that’s besides the point. Even today people dry it and put it in their drawers and in with stored sheets, you know why? Because it smells fantastic. That’s why I was so excited to receive Secret’s ooh-la-la lavender scent clinical strength deodorant. Since I’ve already reviewed a few of their other Clinical Strength Antiperspirants I knew they would work really well so I wasn’t one bit worried about that.

Since I made such a big deal about the smell I think I should start by talking about that. In case you’ve never smelled lavender before it really isn’t the typical flower smell. So nothing like my Juicy Couture perfume. Its a fresh and almost clean smell, but with a feminine feeling. If you aren’t into the harsh smell a lot of perfumes have then something like this could be a great alternative. 

To use, just like other Clinical Strength deodorants, see my clinical strength sport review , you have to apply this at night. With the Secret special formula they need to know your normal resting body temperature for it to work properly. This does mean a different shower routine for most people. For me I found that it worked best if I showered at night and then applied right before I went to bed. In the morning I have to worry about a thing. 

As far as use goes, just like my Freshwater Orchid Clinical Strength Antiperspirant this stuff works. Since trying out this Secret deodorant line I haven’t had to worry about wet armpits or smelly sweat. It really is a relief. I haven’t tried a deodorant that works as well as these, and let me tell you I’ve tried plenty that haven’t worked as well.

Overall this is a great deodorant. Just like Secret Stress Sweat, the smell is amazing which is just a bonus. That’s because this product works so well. The only thing is the weird application, but anyone can get used to that.

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