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Review: Clinical Strength Sport

Secret Prescription Strength deodorant

Sport Clinical Strength
Secret Antiperspirant, Deodorant
Marathon Fresh Scent

Running a marathon. That’s an analogy that’s often used to describe doing something hard. But what if you really are running a marathon? Or maybe not a full 26 mile run but a two mile one. Maybe it isn’t even running you do, you’re a basketball player, you’re a gymnast but there’s one thing that I do know. You don’t want to smell when you’re do with your activity. Normal deodorants just won’t cut it when you’re that intense, and that’s when its time for an antiperspirant that’s designed for athletes

Anyone who does not  want their performance to be held back by perspiration or odor would benefit from using Secrets Clinical Strength Sport deodorant with wetness protection. Since their formula is designed to be activated at night, taking advantage of your body’s natural temperature variations, you should apply this before you go to bed. This works fantastic for that person who likes to take a jog before they head off to school or work but it might be kind of hard to get used to for some users.

As far as wetness and smell protection go this antiperspirant works amazingly. Remember how I wrote a glowing review of Secret Clinical Strength Light and Fresh where I talked about how I didn’t have wet armpits or smelly sweat but this Sports Strength deodorant goes beyond that. On normal days I sweat like a runner so you can only image how it is if I go for a run. But when I use Secret’s clinical strength nothing. No smell and no armpit sweat. 

As far as smell goes this really doesn’t have one. I guess it could be Marathon Fresh Scent. I was hoping for something like Secret Freshwater Orchid or Secret Sweat Stress Response but this is a more unisex smell. That isn’t to say it’s bad, just not something you’re going to notice. Which can be good too.

Overall I really like this deodorant its perfect for anyone who is a little on the sweaty side but still likes to exercise. It does have a weird application but with a little different schedule it should be fine. Even without the smell it is a pretty great antiperspirant just because of its wetness and oder protection.

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