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Review: Always Infinity Pads

The first time I had been introduced to always infinity was when I was on my hawaii trip and I had just run out of tampons. It was early in the morning, so early that only one other girl was up so I went to ask her if she had any. When she said she only had these pads I was a little disappointed, I mean I’ll really not a big fan of them. They tend to be thick and a little restricting. As soon as I tried the pad out though my mind had been changed.

First off these are not your average pad. I know I know their box looks pretty average, but not everything is going to look like U by Kotex, and haven’t you ever heard the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”? As soon as you get one out though, you know its going to be different. Its so thin. Normally for a heavy flow pad I would expect twice the size.

I was also amazed at how absorbent it is. Way better then any other pad I’ve tried. Most of the time it seems like the blood just kind of sits on top of the pad and it feels like a diaper. With Always Infinity though they seem to work so kind of magic and all the blood disappears. The wings keep it in place so I don’t have to worry about it shifting around. Another issue with a lot of pads.

Overall I really like Always Infinity pads, and since I’ve had my period going non stop for awhile now thanks to my nexplanon implant I’ve been really grateful to have these. They’re absorbent and don’t make it look like I’m wearing a diaper. With the wings I don’t have to worry about it moving. I’m going to be using these for a long time to come.

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