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Review: Paris Amour Body Cream

Bath and Body Works Paris Amour

Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Paris Amour Triple Moisture lotion. Fortified with Bath & Body Works exclusive triple moisture complex of conditioning milk, proteins, hydrating rice bran oil and protective acai berry extract provides deep, 24 hour moisture that softens even the driest skin. The non greasy formula deeply conditions, leaving the skin moisturized, fragrant, and more beautiful than ever before. 

Now that you know about the product here’s how it works. To use just moisturize into skin like any other lotion. Its consistency is similar Bath & Body Works Cranberry Lotion a very middle of the road moisturizer. It goes in well, but it leaves a slight moist feeling on the top of the skin. Not exactly oily, more like watery.It isn’t actually wet though and I have to say that this moisturizes well. Will all my swimming and sun exposure I’ve started to get dried out skin and Paris Amour Body Cream fixes that. Its great for use on knees, legs, elbows, as well as the face.

I really like the packaging on this lotion. A lot of Bath and Body Works products have nice packaging, see BeeNice Honey Berry , so it is kind of expected but still nice. Getting the lid on and off was easy and the lotion easily stores standing up.

Even though everything else is nice, of course my favorite part is the smell. Its a blend of fresh tulips apple blossoms and sparkling pink champagne inspired by the city of Paris. I’ve never had anything like this, but I can tell you it smells very romantic and girly.


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