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Review: Paris Amour Shimmer Mist

Bath & Body Works Paris Amour

Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Paris Amour Shimmer Mist. This shimmer mist will leave skin sparkling with irresistible glamour and lightly fragranced with the Bath & Body Works exclusive Paris Amour. This is from the same collection as the Paris Amour Body Lotion. Although I liked the lotion, I really can’t say the same for this glitter body spray.

How it’s used. Just spray it on like any other perfume. I have to say that I’m not really all that fond of this Shimmer Mist. When they say that it will leave your skin sparkling they mean that literally. It has millions of tiny glitter pieces in it that go on to skin when you spray it. These don’t exactly go on evenly though so you may have to rub it in a little bit. It didn’t seem like it dried out my skin though, which is a huge plus for a body spray. 

The smell is really the only good part about this product. It as a blend of French tulips, apple blossoms, and sparkling pink champagne inspired by a romantic stroll through the streets of Paris. It smells very whimsical and girly perfect for a young woman. The smell doesn’t last very long, but the glitter seems to stick for ever.

Overall I really don’t like this Shimmer mist. Sure it smells nice, but that’s only for a few minutes. It doesn’t apply evenly leaving patches of glitter and really why do you want a glitter spray. It kind of seems like a dancer, if you know what I’m saying, sort of thing. I really like Bath & Body Works should stick to the whole lotion and bath products thing. Maybe I’m just used to more traditional perfumes, like my Juicy Couture Perfume and I could be a little too harsh.


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