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Tall and Classy Outfit


Pants (cooler) / Shoes / Sunglasses / Top / Bag
How to Look Tall and Classy
Everyone always wants to look like they have long legs. Being taller makes you look thinner, and unfortunately more respected, even for women. Normally when I want to achieve the this look I go for the sky high heels, they must be at least five inches to get meet the cut. Another thing I do, and something that I really shouldn’t is I hike up my skirt, and when I say hike up I mean all the way past my bell button and these really aren’t the kind of skirts to do this with.  Since making my classy skirt mini skirt guide I decided that I could make an outfit guide on how to look tall and classy, because you don’t need to risk breaking your ankles, or look like a street walker.
  • Striped Jeans, Mango – The first step looking tall is what’s on your legs. Vertical stripes are an amazing print on a pair of jeans because not only will they make your legs look long they’ll also look thinner. The black and white color of the stripes adds to the lengthening and thinning. Another great feature is having jeans with a slightly higher waist line. I’m not saying up to your belly button, but don’t go for any of those low rise things. An important note to remember is that these jeans must have vertical, not horizontal stripes.
  • Tank, Alexander Wang – Something that I always have a problem with is that I get long tank tops, and for this you really want one that’s a little short. Showing just an inch of stomach is perfect. You can either go with a black top, recommended, or a brightly colored one. For examples of colored shirts that would work take a look at my kohl’s haul.
  • Platform Pump, Christian Louboutin – A big heel is still the way to go for adding perceived height because it adds real height too. If you’re going to go big, just make sure that it is platform so you are a little more comfortable. Its a great look if the jeans go over the top of the heel.
  • Quilted Bag, Chanel – Chanel is a fantastic brand for anyone trying to look classy. I love their quilted bags. You can either go for new or vintage but don’t get a knock off because there isn’t anything much trashier than a thief which is exactly what a knock off is.
  • Aviator Sunglasses, Victoria Beckham – The sun is out and you’re going to need eye protection. I love aviators because they give that sort of boyish look without having to cut your hair short or start growing a beard. A great choice for this is a mirrored pair.
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