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Review: Bic Soleil Savvy

BIC three blade razor

I thought BIC made pens, but I guess that they make razors too, pretty good ones once you get past a few simple design flaws. These flaws aren’t actually anything terrible, but a little annoying until you get the hang of what’s going on. You can read on for those.

First I’ll start with the packaging since that’s where the problems were. As I was getting ready to get in the shower, I realized I had some new razors, these Soleil Savvy ones, and I figured I’d try them out so I opened up the package and took out the razor assuming it would already have the blades attached. I mean it looked like it since there was this pink cover over the top. So I started to lather up with my pink princess loofa.

After I was done getting soap all over my legs I tried to take the cap of the blade, and that’s when I noticed that it didn’t have one attached. So I had to get out of the shower and go get one and attach it. There weren’t any directions to do this so by the time I figured out that you just slide off the protective cap, the majority of my hot water was gone.

As far as use goes it really is a great razor. You do have to lather up with some sort of body wash, I used my Cetaphil body wash, because this doesn’t have a built in moisture bar like my Venus Spa Breeze razor. It did however leave my legs feeling smooth and free of the little bumps that tend to come after shaving. The ones that I seem especially prone to.

Overall I really like this razor. Its available almost everywhere, is a great price and works well. I didn’t have any problems with it once I figured out how to attach the blade. If it wasn’t for those silly design flaws this would be one of my favorite products.

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