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Review: U by Kotex Tampons

Click Tampons Kotex

I’m sure by now everyone has seen the “revolutionary” new tampon Kotex U. Really tampons haven’t changed all that much since their invention but I really like this new design that Kotex came up with. Its not only they also work amazing well so with those two things combined these really are my top tampons to use. Actually I’m on my third box of them.

First I’ll start with the outer packaging. For as long as I can remember tampon boxes have been super ugly. They just scream awkward. They have ugly colors, ugly fonts, and worst of all terrible graphics on the outside. U by Kotex changes this though. They offer a simple black box that is tiny, but offers the same amount of tampons, because they are smaller in length. This means that I can take a whole box in my suitcase and have more room for all my real stuff.

All three Kotex colors

This is why the box is so much shorter. The tampons are shorter. They have the exact same parts as other tampons and work the same way but the inner part, the part you push up on, is folded inside. To use it you just pull it all the way out until you hear a little click and then go about business as usual.  Its perfect if I’m on my period and don’t want to carry around a bag. These will easily fit into my pocket. I also love that they have different colors even if its only just three. Much nicer than the normal yellow white color.

Now for the most important part. How well does it work? I can honestly say that even if these tampons looked like the average ones, they’d still be my favorites. Since my Nexplanon birth control review I’ve actually had a lot heavier period and this has been able to give me a few hours longer than a lot of other super tampons.

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