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Tippecanoe Battlefield Giftshop

I’ve already talked about how I had a picnic at Tippecanoe Battlefield, the heritage trail at the Tippecanoe Battle Grounds, and the soldiers’ memorial at Tippecanoe. After I was done doing all of those things, none of which too too long although I could have spent the whole day on the trail, I went to go check out the gift shop. Since I’ve already been to the museum and war momentous aren’t my thing I decided to forgo going and viewing the history things in the interest of time.

I was really not sure about adding this first picture, and if you’r not sure why… Just take a look at my face. I look unstable, in the dangerous kind of way.  I kept it though because I’m wearing a raccoon hat that was for sale at the Tippecanoe gift shop. It even has a tail.

Items at Tippecaone Giftshop

Along with the raccoon hat, which I’m pretty sure was fake, they had animal pelts. These were real fur for sure, and I can’t say I’m exactly sure what they’d be used for. I did have a friend in high school though who’s mother liked to use rabbit furs as kind of a doily replacement, and it looked nice.

replicas of old town buildings

Because Tippecanoe is a small town who seems to be very proud of their heritage I wasn’t surprised to see that they had ceramic replicas of prominent buildings in their town. Some day I would love to have a miniature town, maybe a Christmas thing, but right now there wouldn’t be any place for these.

Tippecanoe gift shop

They had a few book shelves full of books. Some were arts and crafts related, some sewing but a lot were about history. Even as someone who really did well at history classes I couldn’t see buying one of these books to read. They must sell at least a few though.

Calico in a gift shop

I’ve read Little House on the Prairie and I remember them talking about calico and how great it was to have. Well I finally know what it looks like now. Basically its just colored cotton fabric. All this time I had thought it was pattered silk or at least satin. Very disappointed.

Tippecanoe Giftshop

I then saw what a traditional outfit for the 1800’s would look like at the Tippecanoe Battleground gift shop. Seeing this made the whole calico fabric just being cotton, make a ton more sense. I’m pretty sure I thought that they dressed a little like the victorian era.

Toys at Tuppecanoe

Toy soldiers. Too bad they’re all british which I don’t exactly get. There were however those log toys at the bottom. Even though I didn’t have them as a child I totally wish I had. My friend had them and they were the best. I was super tempted to buy them too.

Westwaki and Williamsburg pottery

Hand thrown pottery. This actually wasn’t too expensive. I didn’t like the colors at all. This blue gray isn’t that pretty to me, I can’t even thing of a kitchen that it would look good in. Maybe if they would have had different colors I would have been more interest.

1800's clothes

They also had a ton of patterns for traditional settler outfits. My mother really wanted to buy a pattern for a shift dress so that she could make me a night gown. Luckily I convinced her not to do this, because I’d never wear it. I just wear cotton shorts and a sports bra to bed.

cute restroom signs

After I was done with everything I had to pee. The bathrooms weren’t bad, but they weren’t that great. Actually they were the only thing that I wasn’t completely impressed with at the Tippecanoe Battlefield. The picnic tables, the monument, and the wildlife center were all amazing.

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