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Wearing a Retro Dress

Retro Style Guide

Dress (cooler)  / Tights / Watch / Bow / Shoes 
How to Wear a Retro Dress

So I’ve already done a post on how to dress retro as well as an outfit: 1920’s Tribal Style. You could say that I’m over doing this retro inspired trend, which has been going on forever by the way, but I don’t think so. A lot of retro can also be seen a quirky classic, something that is perfect for a young and fun look without looking too out there. It also lets you look like you know about trends, style and fashion in general without seeming like that’s all you care about.

  • Retro Dress – I love short dresses. Not only do they make my legs look longer, but I don’t have to worry about stepping on the ends like I do with a maxi dress. I love how it poofs out on the end adding a little body. The red color looks great on almost anyone and the dots are so whimsical.
  • Black Tights – A lot of times tights get a bad rap. Its seems that people think that you have to be an old lady with spider veins or a two year old to wear them. This isn’t true though! Tights are a great option if its cool outside or if your dress is a little short. They also help to extend your legs with the right shoes.
  • Black Ankle Boots – I was just talking about the right shoes that will extend your legs with tights and these are it. Of course the heel is a big factor in the leg extension, but the main function is the fact that you can’t tell where the leg ends and the foot begins, kind of like those nude heels.
  • Atlas Watch – I love Tiffany’s, see my Tiffany’s haul for evidence,  so of course I added something of theirs. I decided to have a watch with this outfit, and actually I’m starting to think I’m getting a little obsessed. Since everyone carries phones now they aren’t really necessary but I love the look. Almost an instant class boost.
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