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Tippecanoe Heritage Trail

Indiana Heritage Trail
Heritage Trail
Heritage Trail
Heritage Trail Bridge
River on Heritage Trail
Heritage Path
Heritage Trail
Heritage Trail
Heritage Trail
Ground on Heritage Trail
Heritage Trail

After having a picnic at the Tippecanoe Battlegrounds, and then looking at the Tippecanoe Monument, I then saw a trail to go on. Now I’ve been to this Tippecanoe park before, but I’ve never been on the trails. They really are quite nice too. I mean really nice. When you first go on the trail you walk down concrete stairs (that have a railing!) through the trees which opens to an area that has picnic tables, some of which are even in a covered building. You can even see a little bit of the river through the trees.  The trail then goes across the river in a bridge that is fifteen feet above the ground. This bridge has rails on either side and instead of being a swinging kind, its very well made, structurally. I didn’t have any fears while being on it.

The water really wasn’t that pretty, but I guess it can’t be helped. On the other side of the bridge the bath continued. There were a few that split off into the woods but they were just mowed down grass so I stayed on the main way. There were a few mulberry trees along the way and the berries were smashed on the path. I also saw a few benches that people had donated as a memorial.As I got to the river, the walking became a little harder because the whole path was sand. Shortly after getting to the sand I decided to head back because Heritage Trail doesn’t loop.

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