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Review: LA Colors Morning Glory

Purple Sparkle nail polish

 Nail Polish by LA Colors. Shopping around at my local drug store I was surprised to see a nail polish for $1 now if you follow me you know that I love drug store nail lacquer because its cheaper and still has a good quality. But I’ve never seen one for a $1 so I had to try it out and I have to say that I’ve very happy with the results. The color is fantastic, and the quality is amazing.

I’ll start with the packaging. This is a little smaller of a nail polish bottle holding only .44 oz but that can be good because it allows you to change up your colors more often. The problem is the darkness of the wording. In normal lighting and even fairly high light its almost impossible to read. I’m not sure if its just because Morning Glory nail lacquer is so dark, but its really annoying. 

As far as the brush and handle go though, I don’t have any complaints. The brush works well and I didn’t find any stray hairs I had to cut off. With the handle, it was easy to open and close the nail lacquer even for someone who doesn’t have strong hands

LA Colors Nail polish Revew

Here’s what the nail polish looks like after two coats. When I’m reviewing a polish I don’t use a top coat or a base coat because both really do affect the outcome of a manicure. I really like how smoothly LA Colors Morning Glory applied. I didn’t have any runny spots or bumps to speak of, a problem that does occur in cheaper polishes. The glitter which I didn’t even notice when I bought the lacquer spreads evenly and doesn’t stay all in one area.

Overall I really like this  LA Colors nail polish. Its a nice glittery purple color, goes on well and has a great bottle design. And of course I love the price. I will be getting more LA Colors nail lacquers.


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