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Nexplanon Review

Nexplanon implant

Remember back in April when I did my Nexplanon Implant Post? Since a few things have changed since then I figured I could do a full update and review on my Nexplanon birth control. Basically it is a great option for people not wanting to take the pill, but it has a few drawbacks that really are kind of bad.  I’ll start from the beginning though, so here goes.

A few months ago I decided that I was going to be on birth control. This is of course a very personal decision but for me I knew it was the right one. I had a friend who already had Nexplanon and after reading about it seemed like a much better choice than the pill. This implant birth control last three years and you don’t have to worry about silly things like taking a pill on time or getting the shot every few months. Another thing is that after one year about 1/4 of women with no longer have a period. Of course I wanted that.

There’s a problem though. It’s made my period last forever. I remembered that my friend said something about this happening to her but I didn’t think too much of it. I’d already been on the pill for a month so I thought it wouldn’t be an issue. I was so wrong though. My period didn’t start immediately, actually about the same time of month it normally does but it hasn’t stopped.

I’ve been on my period almost two months now nonstop, and it sucks. This is a much heavier period than I’m used to too. I’ve been wearing a U by  Kotex Super Tampon and an Always Infinity Pad just to last me through my 3 hour class and the drive there and back. I’ve never had to deal with a period this heavy and I can say that it really sucks. I’m still not sure when its going to end so it seems like it could go on forever. 

Overall I have to say that even with my never ending period this is still a better option then a lot of birth controls. Not having to worry about it is great. Now if only my period would end.

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