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Bath & Body Works Summer Haul

products from bath & body works

Summer really is here, so when I went to Bath & Body Works I had to get some new products that are inspired by summer time. Since the store I went to was running a sale, I knew I could buy a few extra things and make a proper haul out of the trip. It seems though that Bath & Body Works is always running a sale. One time I heard my high school teacher say something along the lines of if you buy six Bath and Body Works products it costs you less than if you buy one. While this isn’t true, there is for sure discounts if you buy in bulk.

So here’s what I bought. First is the metal tin that everything is sitting in. Its actually a candle holder for large candles and only $5. I love the design that has open triangles that get smaller as your eye travels to the top. Next in the front, is a hand sanitizer soap, that I really love. You can check out my Fresh Picked Apples antibacterial review to read more about it. On the left side is my new shower gel. Its not my favorite thing but it works well, you can check out my Country Apple Shower Gel Review to read more about it. Last is the lotion I bought, I like it pretty well and will probably buy it again. To see more about it you can check out my Country Apple Body Cream review.

Overall I really like what I bought from Bath & Body Works. They have fairly inexpensive items so its easy for anyone to shop there. The focus of their products does tend to be on the smell, but they all work well so it doesn’t matter too much.

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