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Marshalls Haul

Clothes haul

I’ve done a few Tj Maxx hauls, but this is my first Marshall’s Haul, and actually my first time buying anything from Marshalls. They are though very similar to Tj Maxx in fact they’re owned by the same  company. Basically its just a store that sells name brand items, lower end ones, at discounted prices. Some of the discounts are 50%.  For this haul I think that I went with more of a girly theme, surprising since last time I went to TJ Max I did a Rocker Haul. Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for… The clothes I bought.

Vince Camuto, Black and White Polkadot Peplum Top. I’m really not the biggest peplum fan but I couldn’t pass up this find. Normally for $60 I bought it for $30 I really like the black with white polka dots because I think it’ll give a better slimming effect than the opposite color scheme.

Pinky Lace Top. I couldn’t see the normal price on this lace top, but for $12.99 I figured I was getting a pretty good deal. I really love lace and have a few lace items, but this one is a little different. Its actually a shell so its thicker and less prone to damage.

Max Studios Floral Top. Normally for $40 and I got it for $20. It may even be more than that because on its original tag it says $68 so this is a really good deal. It is a baby doll top with a ruffled band around the around the front and geometric like flowers all over.

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