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Review: Country Apple Body Cream

Apple Smelling Lotion

County Apple 
Bath & Body Works
Body Cream

This is a fresh combination of ripe red apples and creamy blossoms made with naturally papering ingredients such as avocado oil, fruit enzymes calendula and almond oil. Its more of a smell good lotion with nice packaging, a common theme for Bath & Body Works products but it does do a pretty good job moisturizing dry skin.

To use smooth over skin focusing on dry spots like elbows, knees and heels. This is a moderately thick lotion, almost comparable to my Nivea Creme tin lotion so its really something that you don’t want to use on your face. It does however do a nice job moisturizing dry skin, especially legs right after being shaved. It doesn’t leave any oily or waxy residue and goes into skin fairly easily.Country Apple Body Cream smells fantastic. This isn’t surprising since its a Bath & Body Works product but still very nice. I’ve never had a product that smells like it, but I can say that it isn’t a real apple smell, almost something you’d expect to smell in a dream. It is though infused with natural apple extract.

I really love the packaging on this product. The scent, and what its used for is displayed clearly but you should be able to tell the smell at a glance because of the three apple across the front. The cap goes on and off easily and the bottle easily sits up on it, so you should be able to keep this on top of a dresser or night stand. It does however have a few bubbles that are visible in the lotion mix, but these don’t seem to affect anything.

Overall I really like this product. It doesn’t quite smell like apples, but actually a more pleasant version of them. It works well, and actually now that I think about it this would be a perfect product for the kitchen. The apple theme would work well and since this is a more intense moisturizer it’d be great for using after doing the dishes.


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