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Review: Country Apple Shower Gel

Apple Smelling Shower Gel

Country Apple
Bath & Body Works Pleasures
Shower Gel

This Country apple product goes with Bath & Body Works Country Apple Lotion both have the same apple scent with the infused apple extract but this has a few different ingredients that are supposed to help the body. Papaya, and Aloe Vera. I’m not the biggest fan of shower gels, and I never will be but I’d say that this Country Apple one works pretty well, even if its mostly because of the smell. 

To use pour a button sized drop onto a washcloth or mesh sponge, work into a lather and smooth over skin. I prefer to use my shower pouf but whatever works best for you, because for this shower gel it really doesn’t matter. Country Apple does seem to lather easily and rinse off well, but I didn’t see any lasting effects in the quality of my skin even though they did take the time to mention the fancy stuff that they had in it. For use its pretty average. The smell though, like a fantasy apple is great, especially for someone who doesn’t like the normal flower smell, or anything else overly girly.

I do like the bottle very well though. Its clear, so you can actually see how much product you have left something that you don’t realize is nice until you have a product that is opaque. Its also pretty enough, in a simple way, that it can go out with your shower products without looking grungy. The cap opens and closes easily and the product squeezes out well.

Overall I’d say that Bath & Body Works Pleasures Country Apple Shower Gel is just a little above average. It smells nice, and has a nice packaging but its just so so in use. It does everything its supposed to, but nothing more.


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