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Review: Fresh Picked Apples Hand Soap

Anti Bacterial Hand Soap

Fresh Picked Apples
Bath & Body Works
Antibacterial Deep Cleansing
Hand Soap

Fresh Picked Apples hand soap is a little different than the country apple lotion and country apple shower gel that I’ve already reviewed.  Its a deep cleansing hand soap enriched with an exclusive blend of honey coconut milk and olive oil that are supposed to moisturize the skin, nourishing it and softening as well.  There is a bamboo extract and Fresh Picked Apples by Bath & Body Works is lightly scented. 

To use simple press down on the pump, wet hands scrub and rinse off. This is a foaming soap so it’ll get all bubbly. I have to say that I love bubbly hand soap because its just so much easier to use, and I find I use less to get the same amount of clean. I even like this better than the Japanese Cherry Blossom Foam Soap because Fresh Picked Apples has beads. These beads are used for micro cleaning and exfoliating the skin. They’re small and rub in quickly so you aren’t left with random Bath & Body Works beads clinging to your skin.

As far as smell goes I can tell you that I’m not disappointed. It does smell like apples, but also a hint of passion fruit, which keeps it from being too plain. The packaging is fantastic, the soap dispenser is big enough that its easy to press and it doesn’t catch. Although the base isn’t that wide it does stay up nicely so no fears of it falling off.

Overall I really like Bath & Body Works Antibacterial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap in Fresh Picked Apples. It foams well, has easy to use packaging and smells great. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s antibacterial because I don’t mind a few germs.

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