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Shipshewana Haul

what to buy in amish country

I know, I know I’ve already talked a ton about my trip to Shipshewana but I figured that I should end it with a haul. I told you about the bus trip to Shipshewana, the outside area of Shipshewana, the shops around Shipshewana downtown, the mall with a tree in the middle, and where to eat in Shipshewana so I’ve basically wrote a book on this small Amish city. Which is great because I really did have a lot of fun. There were a lot of great places to shop and eat, and everyone was so pleasant. A very nice place to visit.

So here’s what I got, which is case you’re wondering really isn’t all that much. Actually I was able to fit it all in a shopping bag that I brought with me so I wouldn’t have to use their plastic bags. I really have been trying to be green lately.

First up the food. Cheddar cheese flavored popcorn. I really don’t like this kind of thing, but its for my dad. Every time he comes home from a business trip he always buys popcorn similar to this at the airport. At the same store I also got two jars of peanut butter, the larger one for my father and the smaller one for my boyfriend. I would have gotten them both the same size, but my boyfriend is so picky that I was afraid he didn’t like it. Plus I just got him his birthday presents. 

Then comes the real stuff. I bought two wooden spoons, in the attempt to be a little more green. When a silicone spoon goes bad you have to throw it away but a wood one can go in the compost, so I’ll be saving so landfill space. I also bought a pillow pattern hat wasn’t that expensive. Originally I had wanted the kit, but it was $50

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