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Picnic at Tippecanoe Battlefield

Indiana Indian historical museum

 On the way to go to the shopping center where I did my birthday haul we stopped along the way to have a Picnic at the Tippecanoe Battlefield. In case you haven’t heard of the Tippecanoe battle basically it was Indians vs. Americans over 200 years ago and although the Indians had the advantage of a surprise attack, they lost by a long run.  

I was surprised at how well kept, the park is and everything was so well put together. I mean to me this battle isn’t that big of a deal but they had three buildings that had educational stuff, as well as a memorial for the soldiers. Little things like this make me love living in the United States. See my Shipshewana post for another American place I love. 

where to eat at Tippecanoe

 Since it was pretty sunny outside we decided to sit at one of the tables that were in the table house. I’m not really sure what to call it other than that but I know that’s not right. Its just a covered stone building that had a concrete floor. Its also perfect if you want to eat outside when its raining.

food to eat outside

 I had a ham sandwich, not my favorite thing, cheese crackers, which are kind of my favorite thing, lemonade popcorn that I bought during my Shipshewana haul and beans. If it were my choice I would have just chosen to go to McDonalds, but sometimes you have to compromise. 

outdoor picnic tables

 There were also a ton of picnic tables outside. We really could have sat there because they were all under the shade of trees. After taking a walk on one of the trails we realized that there were also places to picnic on the trail. If I’d known that before it so would have been where I went.

Park recycling facilities

Okay so this may seem a little random, but I had to take a picture of the recycling bins at Tippecanoe Battlefield. I’ve never seen recycling at a park and it made me really happy that they had it. People always say that this little bit doesn’t matter, but in the long run it really does.

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