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Review: Minties Dog Treats

Greenie alternative dog treat

Minties, Vet Grade Dental Treats. Checkers my Cockerspaniel loves dog treats, really she loves any kind of food but it seems like food made especially for her is even better than table scraps. Hard to believe I know. One of these treats that she really loves is Greenies, but their so expensive, especially for something that only lasts a few minutes. That’s why I was really happy when I found out about Minties dog treat alternative to the Greenies that are so expensive. Actually Minties are less than half the price and Checkers loves them just the same.

Before even opening up the clear package that Minties come in I noticed something, the texture on the treat. Even though it’s just the Minties name it is bumped up so high that it actually seems like it would help to clean off a dog’s teeth. These dog treats really do seem like the would help with dental hygiene. Oh and when I opened the package I noticed something else, these Minites smell strongly like mint.

Since this mint smell on the Minties Vet Grade Dental Treats was so strong, I was a little worried that my dog wasn’t going to like them, but of course she did. It seems she even likes them as well as the Greenies so there isn’t anything to be worried about as far as taste goes.

Overall I really like Minties. They are a much cheaper alternative to Greenies and my dog loves them just the same. Not only that but they’re supposed to help dental hygiene something that every dog needs. Best of all though, they leave her breath minty fresh.


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