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Starting Small Garden

Tomatoes on the Plant

 Last year I blogged about my garden and this year I figured I could do the same. Not much has really changed in the size of the garden still just two 15×3 plots that have only have a few different types of plants. There is also a small fruit tree area but I’ll talk about that in a later post. I have to say that I really love having a garden because you actually know where your food is coming from. I’m still wanting to improve the garden in full but that’s a long way down the road.

Tomatoes are something that we grow a lot of. They’re very hardy and everyone likes them on their salad. Last year there were enough left for canning which might happen again this year because there has been the perfect amount of sun and rain. 

Garden Squash

 Now the Squash wasn’t exactly my idea to grow because it isn’t something I would eat. I guess that you can put it in different things and it is easy to grow, but if I had full control of the garden I’d change this and grow peppers instead. That along with the tomatoes will would be perfect for chili.

Growing Strawberries at home

Garden Strawberries. My favorite thing in the whole garden. I think they were started a little late so there won’t be too many of them but it doesn’t matter. They aren’t big enough for a fruit salad, just that variety, but I love going out into the garden and finding the ripe ones.

tips for growing lettuce

Last is the Lettuce. It has both ash from a fire and dirt from the compost were used to help the lettuce out a little. Along with the tomatoes this is going to go into the salad. If you’re wondering about the ash it helps to not only keep the bugs away but the rabbits as well.

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