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Story of a FarmVille Addict

My FarmVille farm

I know, I know this is kind of odd, and very embarrassing to share and maybe a little surprising considering the last video game post was my Tiny Monsters App review, but I have to get it out there. I’m addicted to the Facebook FarmVille game. I used to play Sims Social just check on my sim for five to ten minutes a day, or when I was really bored. When I found out that was getting canceled I quickly switched over to FarmVille. I knew a lot of people played it and actually I had tried it before, but never really got into it, so I decided to give it a second chance.

Before I knew it I was getting up earlier in the mornings just to do a few things on it. Check my fiber and dairy farm, harvest a few crops, and I’d stay up a little later at night to do this too. They give you prizes for visiting your farm everyday so of course I couldn’t miss a day. There are also this bingo games and quests that you can work on every six hours so I of course, needed to do that too.  Oh and when someone sent me a request or posted on the news feed I needed to help them! And get the free stuff for doing it.

Even though I haven’t been playing FarmVille Very long it’s taken so much time out of my life.  Time that I don’t have to spare. Not only do I have this blog where I try and write not only a front page post every day but also reviews like my LA colors review and hauls, like my Kohls summer haul but I’m also a full time summer student. On top of that I still like to try and have a life, but with my addiction to FarmVille this really hasn’t been possible. 

I’ve started to realize that with all this time, that’s literally going to nothing,  nothing tangible anyways, that I could be doing something else. I can write more, I can spend more time with my family, I can study more. All of these things are much better than playing FarmVille and that’s why I’ve decided to quit playing it. 

This isn’t actually that easy since there isn’t a delete this farm button but I deleted all the items on my farm making it very hard for me to play. With two short trips coming up this week, my goal of writing more, my birthday and the ever present school, I don’t think I’ll miss FarmVille a bit.


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