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What to Wear During Summer

Warm weather cool outfit
Shirt / Shorts / Shoes / Backpack
Summer Outfit Guide

So its starting to get hot out. I mean really hot. I’ve already done a summer outfit post a budget summer outfit and a how to for wearing a summer dress but I decided that I could make another summer outfit guide, because right now its too hot for any daring fashion statements. This kind of temperature calls for comfort above all else.  This doesn’t mean though that you have a free pass to look like a slouch and I’ve made an outfit that keeps that form happening.
  • V-Neck T, Madewell  – There are a few things I love about this shirt. First the neon green. Neons are in during almost any summer and this one is no exception. The color is also light so no worries about heat so that’s a plus too. Since its a light weight fabric it feels soft and doesn’t clog you don’t The last thing I like is the design the v-neck with the small pocket is adorable.
  • Jean Shorts, Hudson – So I wear a lot short shorts, but I’m beginning to realize something, it doesn’t look that great. A lot of times I end up looking trashy or easy because my shorts are too tight or too short. I can’t help I have long legs and a small waist. That’s why I’m super interested int these knee length denim shorts, because I can look a little more class, not as classy as in my How to Look Classy in Jeans post but much better than the alternative.
  • Sandal, Modcloth – I’m not the biggest fan of Modcloth sometimes, but I do have to admit that they carry a lot of adorable clothes. Summer sandals are a must and this pair is perfect with the flower details and leather bottom.
  • Mustache Backpack, delias – Okay this may be a little too hipster for most of you but I thought it was adorable so I had to add it. Its not something that you can get away with in most settings but on a hot summer day its fine. Especially since my new found love of backpacks.
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