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Outside Shipshewana

Grass Flowers
Shipshewana Garden
Shipshewana Garden
Unique Planter Ideas
Amish Horse Tier

So I just went on a day trip to a city in very northern Indiana. We took a charter bus, which I’ll blog about later, and when we arrived the first thing I saw as I was stepping of the bus were these fantastic little grass flowers. I know they aren’t really specially but after sitting on a bus for hours trust me, any little bit of nature is appreciated. Okay I’m being kind of dramatic since I slept most of the way, but still this flowers made me happy!

The next two pictures are of a garden that someone had outside of their shop. Now this was a very small town and since this shop was at the edge of the downtown there were houses next to it and I’m kind of assuming the owner lived in one of them. I mean sure the shop sells a few outdoor items, but this garden was massive. It had to be at least three acres. Not worth it if you only see it at work.

The next picture is outside of another shop and I think its adorable. Really a unique idea to put flowers in an old buggy since it is Amish country. Its also great because they’re a decor store so they should know how to do decorating. Inside they have a ton of fantastic things, but a lot of it was Christmas themed.

Last is a picture that I edited a ton because it wasn’t very pretty. And you can see horse poop on the ground. I just thought it was interesting how both cars and horses were “parked” next to each other. Very different than where I live.

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