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I’ve always like the BCBG brand by Max Azria brand, but it can be a little expensive, so before this haul, I’ve never actually owned any of Max Azria’s designs. They did have a big sale going on (up to 60% off) and since it was my Birthday I was able to get a few things. Its still a pretty small haul, but at least its not as bad as my Tiffany’s Haul but still pretty meager. That’s what happens when a poor girl goes to upper middle class stores.

Going into the store I was almost overwhelmed by all the Maxi dresses, something that BCBGMAZAZRIA is known for. I’ve never owned one, so I steered clear, figuring I could start with cheaper dress to try the style out. Everything in the store looked fantastic. I loved the set up and really just all the clothes inside. A lot of them were a little old for me, but I was able to find plenty of things to try on. The dressing rooms were a little odd because they had curtains not real doors, so someone could walk in on you at any time.

I ended up getting a pink bondage skirt that sits just above the hips, a navy blue skirt with an exposed back zipper, notice how I took a picture of the back instead of the front, and a white summer dress. They all look fantastic on, but I have to say the white dress is my favorite. It loos fantastic. I’ve never had a clothing item that I’m so in love with so even though it was expensive I’m very happy I bought it.


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