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Shipshewana Shops

Shipshewana store
small jewelry shop amish
yarn shop with flowers
Amish downtown shop
Shipshewana decorations
Amish fabric store Shipshewana
Amish candies
Shipshewana goods

So here are the pictures of the shops that I went to while I was in Shipshewana. These were a few different unattached shops that I went to. I also went to a mall with a big tree trunk in the middle but that’s for a different blog post. I’ve already blogged about the outdoor area in Shipshewana and actually a few of those pictures are from the outside of one of these shops.

First up is the first shop that I went to. It was fantastic. I swear that when I grow up I might just have to be a housewife that way I can have time to shop all these decoration stores. They had everything from rugs and blankets to candles and antique furniture. The bottom picture is a few of their little items that they have. The turtle and the mushroom are so cute. I didn’t buy them though because they don’t have a place.

The next two photos are of a shop that sells jewelry on one side and yarn and ribbon on the other. These really aren’t stores that I would go to on my own, but actually a pretty common theme in Shipshewana. A lot of people who like to craft go there and shop. If you look at the third picture you can see dried flowers at the top. I don’t really understand that but they were the store with the Shipshewana Garden.

Up next is a shop that sold a few different things but most of them were cooking related. They wooden spoons Amish handmade and had Amish cookbooks too. Those cookbooks probably have a few recipes that you can’t find online, for obvious reasons. They also sold baskets and rugs all Amish made. I feel the need to specify this because there were so many things that were made in India or China that were being passed of as Amish made. Amazing since Amish are so prevalent in the area.

After that I went to a store that sold a ton of more modern decorations. I know, more housewife talk, but I don’t care.  They had night lights! Lots of different animal shaped ones. Then comes where my mother wanted to go. A huge fabric store called Yoders. I sat in a chair and almost fell asleep.

Last but not least was a shop that when you walk in, only seems to sell silly little toys. As you go a little deeper you see that they have miniature barns, for toy horses, that are made by local Amish. I don’t know why, but I found this so exciting. At the very pack was an area selling candies and different food. From here I bought a few gifts for my friends.


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