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Davis Mercantile Building Shipshewana

Tree in middle of amish mall

I already talked about a few shops in Shipshewana that I went to, but I haven’t mentioned yet the Davis Mercantile Mall, and its very interesting. Basically its a whole mall filled with mostly Amish and crafting stores, and in the middle of the building, where the stairs are is a huge tree trunk that is part of the design. I love the look of it, and some of the shops are quite nice.

Faceless Cloth dolls
Wet Underwear

So these first two pictures are of two things that I super loved in Shipshewana’s tree mall but I didn’t end up getting either of them. The first is of these faceless dolls that local Amish people made. They’re very well crafted and very sweet but I didn’t get one for two reasons. First I really don’t have any use for it and second it was $50. Way too much for a simple toy. The second picture is of shrunken boxers that expand to real ones. I was going to buy my boyfriend a pair as a present but I figured I could hold off on that because I just got him birthday presents. 

quilts for sale

Up next is some quilts that were for sale in one of the shops. They aren’t made by local Amish, actually their made in India, so I wasn’t all that excited. Although it does make them a lot cheaper. I would love to own them anyways and maybe I’ll even make a similar one because they were very simple designs.

Store in Tree Mall

Here’s a Scrapbooking store. I’m not really into scrapbooking so I didn’t stay that long, but for someone who is this store would be great. They had about everything I would have thought of for a scrapbook. From different papers to kits to buttons and decorations. Shipshewana isn’t all about fabric and home decor it seems.

Shipshewana decorations

Then I went to a decoration shop that has ton of different things. I didn’t find a lot of their decorations as interesting as other stores because it was a little more country than my tastes. They did though have a  few Christmas things that I liked and a ton of candles that smelled fantastic.

Fabric Store in Shipshewana tree mall

Okay so this fabric store wasn’t really for me, more for my mother but it looked so pretty how they set everything up that I had to take a picture. I think this is more of a quilting shop, which I prefer so I guess it wasn’t too bad.


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